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HorrorfilmZirkel since 2007

001. 23.01.2007 Dübendorf: Echoes/Suicide Circle (SIMI, GINO, Sarah, György, Paschi, Marco, Roger)
002. 14.02.2007 Unterengstringen: Isolation/Slither (MARCO, Simi, Moni, Sarah, Urs, Roger, Gino)
003. 18.03.2007 Dübendorf; Masters of Horror: Imprint/Monster Man (MONI, ROGER, Sarah, Simi, Ümi, Marco, Paschi)
004. 30.04.2007 Egg: Faust (SARAH, PASCHI, Simi, Moni, Roger, Marco, Urs, Gino)
005. 24.05.2007 Dübendorf: See No Evil/Eternal Blood (SIMI, GINO, Moni, Sarah, Urs, Roger)
006. 14.06.2007 Winterthur: Pulse/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (URS, Simi, Sarah, Moni, Roger, Gino, Marco)
007. 15.07.2007 Unterengstringen: Friday the 13th Part VI/Rest Stop (MARCO, Sarah, Simi, Moni, Roger, Gino, Urs)
008. 14.08.2007 Dübendorf: Behind the Mask/Darkness Falls (MONI, ROGER, Sarah, Simi, Urs, Marco, Gino
009. 14.09.2007 Egg: Frostbiten/Skinwalkers (SARAH, Marco, Urs, Gino)
010. 31.10.2007 Dübendorf: Halloween 5/Black Sheep (SIMI, GINO, Marco, Sarah, Paschi, Nici, Sandro, Moni, György, Roger)
011. 15.12.2007 Egg: Mulberry Street/Vergeltung (SARAH, Gabi, Marco, Roger, Gino)
012. 13.01.2008 Egg:  The Living and the Dead/Wrong Turn 2 (SARAH, PASCHI, Gino, Simi, Moni, Roger, Urs)
013. 23.02.2008 Winterthur: Hillside Cannibals/Severance (URS, Moni, Sarah, Roger, Gino, Paschi)
014. 14.03.2008 Dübendorf: Shrooms/Halloween (MONI, ROGER, Urs, Sarah, Marco, Simi, Gino)
015. 22.04.2008 Unterengstringen: 30 Days of Night/Beneath (MARCO, Simi, Moni, Sarah, Roger, Gino)
016. 20.05.2008 Dübendorf: Living Death/The Cellar Door (SIMI, GINO, Moni, Roger, Urs, Marco)
017. 13.07.2008 Dübendorf: One Missed Call/Dead Silence (SIMI, GINO, Marco, Sarah, Moni, Urs)
018. 14.08.2008 Winterthur: Der Nebel (URS, Marco, Gino)
019. 23.09.2008 Dübendorf: The Signal/100 Tears (MONI, ROGER, Sarah, Marco, Gino)
020. 31.10.2008 Egg: Halloween (SARAH, PASCHI, Moni, Simi, Urs, Roger, Gino)
021. 22.11.2008 Kino Pathe/Dübendorf: Mirrors/Hellphone (SIMI, GINO, Moni, Sarah, Roger, Marco)
022. 11.01.2009 Unterengstringen: Are You Scared?/The Breed (MARCO, Moni, Simi, Sarah, Paschi, Roger, Urs, Gino)
023. 13.02.2009 Winterthur: Jason X (URS, Simi, Moni, Sarah, Roger, Marco, Gino)
024. 24.03.2009 Dübendorf: Blood Car/Insanitarium (MONI, ROGER, Gino, Sarah, Paschi, Marco, Urs)
025. 13.04.2009 Egg: Lake Dead/Á l'intérieur (SARAH, PASCHI, Simi, Roger, Moni, Marco, Gino)
026. 01.06.2009 Dübendorf: Eden Lake/Martyrs (SIMI, GINO, Sarah, Moni, Roger, Paschi, Marco)
027. 21.07.2009 Unterengstringen: The Cell 2/Gnaw (MARCO, Sarah, Moni, Urs, Gino)
028. 29.09.2009 Dübendorf: 13 Geister/Dance of the Dead (SIMI, GINO, Sarah, Urs, Tomi)
029. 13.10.2009 Egg: The Unborn/Zombie Killer (SARAH, Moni, Gabi, Urs, Gino)
030. 14.11.2009 Egg: Dark Floors/Dead Snow (SARAH, PASCHI, Gino, Moni, Roger, Marco)
031. 13.12.2009 Illnau: Laid to Rest/Vinyan (SIMI, TOMI, Gino, Moni, Sarah, Roger, Marco)
032. 30.01.2010 Dübendorf: Carver/The Tribe (ANTJE, GINO, Moni, Urs, Marco, Roger)
033. 26.02.2010 Dübendorf: Bloodshed/Summer's Blood (MONI, ROGER, Gino, Sarah, Paschi, Urs, Marco)
034. 27.04.2010 Ilnau: Cold Prey 2 (SIMI, TOMI, Gino, Urs, Moni, Roger, Marco)
035. 27.05.2010 Egg: The Descent 2/Evil Ground (SARAH, PASCHI, Simi, Urs, Moni, Roger, Gino)
036. 30.06.2010 Unterengstringen: Dread (MARCO, Gino, Moni, Sarah, Roger)
037. 28.07.2010 Dübendorf: Long Weekend/Carriers (GINO, Moni, Simi, Sarah, Roger, Marco, Urs, Tomi)
038. 30.09.2010 Egg: 2001 Maniacs/Sauna (SARAH, PASCHI, Gino, Moni, Roger, Marco)
039. 12.10.2010 Dübendorf: Midnight Meat Train (GINO, Sarah, Simi, Roger, Moni)
040. 21.11.2010 Dübendorf: Shadow/Someone's Knocking At the Door (MONI, ROGER, Gino, Simi, Sarah, Marco)
041. 13.01.2011 Egg: Frozen/Midnight Movie (SARAH, Urs, Marco, Gino)
042. 14.02.2011 Dübendorf: Cabin Fever 2/Alone in the Dark II (GINO, Simi, Moni, Sarah, Roger)
043. 13.04.2011 Unterengstringen: Piranha 3D/Doghouse (MARCO, Gino, Sarah, Moni, Frauke, Urs, Roger)
044. 15.05.2011 Dübendorf: I Spit on Your Grave/President Evil (MONI, ROGER, Gino, Sarah, Marco)
045. 13.08.2011 Dübendorf: Julia's Eyes/Lake Mungo (GINO, Moni, Sarah, Dominik)
046. 11.09.2011 Unterengstringen: Tucker & Dale vs Evil/Chatroom (MARCO, Moni, Gino)
047. 16.10.2011 Illnau: Die Meute/My Name is Bruce (SIMI, TOMI, Moni, Sarah, Gino)
048. 13.11.2011 Egg: Bong of the Dead/Cherry Tree Lane (SARAH, PASCHI, Moni, Gabi, Marco, Gino)
049. 18.12.2011 Winterthur: Caged/Red State (MONI, Ümi, Marco, Gino)
050. 15.01.2012 Dübendorf: Insidious/Rare Exports (GINO, Claudia, Simi, Moni, Marco)
051. 12.02.2012 Illnau: The Shrine/Bereavement (SIMI, TOMI, Claudia, Tomi, Sarah, Gino)
052. 11.03.2012 Winterthur: Them/Splinter (MONI, Gino, Claudia, Sarah, Marco)
053. 15.04.2012 Dübendorf: Der Dämon-Im Bann des Goblin/Apollo 18 (FRAUKE, GINO, Claudia, Moni, Marco)
054. 26.05.2012 Dübendorf: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark/Prowl (FRAUKE, GINO, Sarah, Moni, Marco)
055. 29.07.2012 Winterthur: Open Graves/Sand Sharks (MONI, Claudia, Sarah, Gino)
056. 26.08.2012 Winterthur: Livid/Untote wie wir (CLAUDIA, Moni, Mäde, Marco, Gino)
057. 29.09.2012 Egg: Two Eyes Staring/The Devil Inside (SARAH, Moni)
058. 11.11.2012 Dübendorf: The Woman/5150 Elm's Way (FRAUKE, GINO, Moni, Sarah, Marco)
059. 30.12.2012 Winterthur: Villa Captive/Chernobyl Diaries (MONI, Claudia, Mäde, Marco, Gino)
060. 20.01.2013 Dübendorf: The Ruins/The Forsaken (FRAUKE, GINO, Sarah, Simi, Moni, Tomi, Marco)
061. 24.02.2013 Unterengstringen: Basement Jack/Babysitter Wanted (MARCO, Moni, Gino)
062. 31.03.2013 Winterthur: Wicked Lake/Choose (CLAUDIA, Moni, Mäde, Marco, Gino, Tomi)
063. 19.05.2013 Dübendorf: Paranormal Activity 4/The Cabin in the Woods (FRAUKE, GINO, Moni, Marco)
064. 30.06.2013 Winterthur: Excision/The Victim (MONI, Claudia, Marco, Gino)
065. 11.08.2013 Dübendorf: Maniac (GINO, Antje, Moni, Marco)
066. 22.09.2013 Illnau: Hänsel & Gretel - Hexenjäger/Silent Hill - Revelation (SIMI, TOMI, Gino, Moni, Claudia, Sarah, Marco)
067. 24.11.2013 Dettenried: The Human Centipede/Living Hell (FRAUKE, GINO, Moni, Marco)
068. 22.12.2013 Winterthur: The Lords of Salem/Curse of Chucky (CLAUDIA, Moni, Mäde, Marco, Gino)
069. 19.01.2014 Winterthur: Red Riding Hood (MONI, Gino, Simi, Claudia, Tomi, Mäde, Marco)
070. 23.03.2014 Unterengstringen: Sinister/The Pact (MARCO, Sarah, Moni, Simi, Tomi, Gino)
071. 18.05.2014 Winterthur: Lesbian Vampire Killers/Insidious 2 (MONI, Claudia, Mäde, Tomi, Marco, Gino)
072. 17.08.2014 Dettenried: Devoured/Strippers vs Zombies (FRAUKE, GINO, Marco, Tomi)
073. 28.09.2014 Dettenried: Smiley/The Cavern (GINO, Marco)
074. 30.11.2014 Eschlikon: Haunt/Dead Snow - Red vs Dead (CLAUDIA, MÄDE, Moni, Marco, Gino)
075. 08.02.2015 Illnau: Devil/Gone (SIMI, TOMI, Sarah, Moni, Marco, Gino)
076. 29.03.2015 Dettenried: Banshee Chapter/Paranormal Activity - Die Gezeichneten/Wer (GINO, Marco)
077. 06.09.2015 Winterthur: Oculus/Among the Living (MONI, Claudia, Tomi, Gino)
078. 25.10.2015 Pfäffikon: Area 51/Bunker (SIMI, TOMI, Sarah, Moni, Marco, Gino)
079. 21.02.2016 Winterthur: The Visit/Deathgasm (MONI, Claudia, Mäde, Tomi, Gino, Marco)
080. 11.09.2016 Egg: Treehouse/Husk (SARAH, Moni, Marco, Gino)
081. 09.10.2016 Weisslingen: Crimson Peak/Bad Building (GINO, Moni, Marco, Tomi)
082. 18.12.2016 Pfäffikon: The Witch/The Conjuring 2 (TOMI, SIMI, Moni, Marco G. Marco, Stefan, Sarah, Gino)
083. 25.12.2016 Weisslingen: A Christmas Horror Story/Black Christmas (GINO, Marco, Moni, Tomi)
084. 29.01.2017 Weisslingen: Sinister 2/Pay the Ghost (GINO, Marco)
085. 31.10.2017 Weisslingen: The Autopsy of Jane Doe/Creep (GINO, Sarah, Moni, Marco, Simi)
086. 26.12.2017 Winterthur: Shining/Grave (MONI, Tomi, Gino)

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